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Nephrotic Syndrome Induced by Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Injections for Twenty-eight Days in Rats
Discovery of Metabolomics Biomarkers for Early Detection of Nephrotoxicity
Strain-related Differences in Urine Composition of Male Rats of Potential Relevance to Urolithiasis
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Aflatoxin B1 and/or Hepatitis B Virus Induced Tumor Spectrum in a Genetically Engineered Hepatitis B Virus Expression and Trp53 Haploinsufficient Mouse Model System for Hepatocarcinogenesis
Spontaneous Ganglioneuroma Possibly Originating from the Trigeminal Ganglion in a B6C3F1 Mouse
Canine Cardiac Rhabdomyoma
Apparent Alveolar Bronchiolar Tumors Arising in the Mediastinum of F344 Rats
The ACVP/STP Coalition Responds to the Continued Shortage of Veterinary Pathologists
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The EMEA Guideline on First-in-Human Clinical Trials and Its Impact on Pharmaceutical Development
The TeGenero Incident and the Duff Report Conclusions: A Series of Unfortunate Events or an Avoidable Event?