Time Management for Preclinical Safety Professionals
Inbred Strains Should Replace Outbred Stocks in Toxicology, Safety Testing, and Drug Development
Differences in Effects on Myocardium and Mitochondria by Angiogenic Inhibitors Suggest Separate Mechanisms of Cardiotoxicity
Time Course Characterization of Serum Cardiac Troponins, Heart Fatty Acid-binding Protein, and Morphologic Findings With Isoproterenol-induced Myocardial Injury in the Rat
Time Course Gene Expression Using Laser Capture Microscopy-Extracted Bile Ducts, but Not Hepatic Parenchyma, Reveals Acute Alpha-Naphthylisothiocyanate Toxicity
The Effects of a Vitamin D-deficient Diet on Chronic Cadmium Exposure in Rats
Early Events in Vascular Injury in the Rat Induced by the Phosphodiesterase IV Inhibitor SCH 351591
Acute ANIT Toxicity in Male IL-10 Knockout and Wild-type Mice
Evaluation of Diuron (3-[3,4-dichlorophenyl]-1,1-dimethyl urea) in a Two-stage Mouse Skin Carcinogenesis Assay
Comparison of NTP Historical Control Tumor Incidence Rates in Female Harlan Sprague Dawley and Fischer 344/N Rats
Hepatic Enzyme Induction: Histopathology
Introduction to Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Induction in Drug Safety Evaluation Studies
Hepatic Drug-Metabolizing Enzyme Induction and Implications for Preclinical and Clinical Risk Assessment
Effects of Hepatic Drug-metabolizing Enzyme Induction on Clinical Pathology Parameters in Animals and Man
Obituary for Sheila Begg
Chevalier Professor Paul Grasso, KSJ, KSC, FRC Path, MD, DTM&H, DCP, BSc