Town Hall Meeting: New Paradigm Needed for Carcinogenicity Risk Assessment Improving Carcinogenicity Assessment

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The ICH initiated talks in June 2012 to revise regulatory guidance for carcinogenicity assessment of pharmaceutical products, stimulated in part by a proposal called Negative for Endocrine, Genotoxicity, and Chronic Study Associated Histopathologic Risk Factors for Carcinogenicity in the Rat (NEGCARC) from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Association (PhRMA). The 2012 STP Town Hall Meeting focused on the need for change in carcinogenicity assessment strategies for pharmaceuticals. Dr. Todd Bourcier from the Division of Endocrine and Metabolic Products, U.S. FDA and a member of the FDA's Alternative Carcinogenicity Assessment Committee, was the guest speaker and a panelist. Dr. Bourcier is also one of FDA's representatives to the ICH S1 Expert Working Group that is discussing changes to regulatory guidelines for carcinogenicity assessment. Drs. Carl Alden and Dan Morton also participated in the panel discussion.

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