Interpreting Stress Responses during Routine Toxicity Studies: A Review of the Biology, Impact, and Assessment
Selective Inhibition of PDE4 in Wistar Rats Can Lead to Dilatation in Testis, Efferent Ducts, and Epididymis and Subsequent Formation of Sperm Granulomas
Decrease in Respiratory Function and Electron Transport Chain Induced by Airborne Particulate Matter (PM10) Exposure in Lung Mitochondria
Safety of Florfenicol Administered in Feed to Tilapia ( Oreochromis sp.)
GFAP-Positive Neoplastic Astrocytes in Spontaneous Oligodendrogliomas and Mixed Gliomas of Rats
Kidney Injury Biomarkers in Hypertensive, Diabetic, and Nephropathy Rat Models Treated with Contrast Media