Toxicologic Pathology in the 21st Century
Evaluation of Expression Profiles of Hematopoietic Stem Cell, Endothelial Cell, and Myeloid Cell Antigens in Spontaneous and Chemically Induced Hemangiosarcomas and Hemangiomas in Mice
Coronary and Systemic Arterial Physiology and Immunohistochemical Markers Related to Early Coronary Arterial Lesions in Beagle Dogs Given the Potassium Channel Opener, ZD6169, or the Endothelin Receptor Antagonist, ZD1611
Differential Morphological Effects in Rat Corpora Lutea among Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether, Atrazine, and Bromocriptine
Anchoring Hepatic Gene Expression with Development of Fibrosis and Neoplasia in a Toxicant-induced Fish Model of Liver Injury
Glycemic Control with Insulin Prevents Progression of Dental Caries and Caries-related Periodontitis in Diabetic WBN/KobSlc Rats
Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Study of Senna in C3B6.129F1- Trp53 tm1Brd N12 Haploinsufficient Mice
Correlation of Histopathology, Urinary Biomarkers, and Gene Expression Responses Following Hexachloro-1:3-Butadiene-induced Acute Nephrotoxicity in Male Hanover Wistar Rats: A 28-day Time Course Study
Evaluation of miR-122 and Other Biomarkers in Distinct Acute Liver Injury in Rats
Regulatory Forum Opinion Piece: Long-term Animal Bioassays: Is the End Near?*