Perspectives on Drug-induced Vascular Injury
Nonclinical Safety Biomarkers of Drug-induced Vascular Injury: Current Status and Blueprint for the Future
Translation Strategy for the Qualification of Drug-induced Vascular Injury Biomarkers
Evaluation of von Willebrand Factor and von Willebrand Factor Propeptide in Models of Vascular Endothelial Cell Activation, Perturbation, and/or Injury
Vascular Origin of Vildagliptin-induced Skin Effects in Cynomolgus Monkeys: Pathomechanistic Role of Peripheral Sympathetic System and Neuropeptide Y
The Relationship of Glucokinase Activator-induced Hypoglycemia with Arteriopathy, Neuronal Necrosis, and Peripheral Neuropathy in Nonclinical Studies
The Role of eNOS Phosphorylation in Causing Drug-induced Vascular Injury
Formation, Clearance, Deposition, Pathogenicity, and Identification of Biopharmaceutical-related Immune Complexes: Review and Case Studies
Characterization, Biomarkers, and Reversibility of a Monoclonal Antibody-induced Immune Complex Disease in Cynomolgus Monkeys ( Macaca fascicularis )
Quantitative Evaluation of Drug-induced Microvascular Constriction in Mice Kidney Using a Novel Tool for 3D Geometrical Analysis of Ex vivo Organ Vasculature
Hemodynamic Correlates of Drug-induced Vascular Injury in the Rat Using High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging