Mechanisms of Altered Transcription by Cigarette Smoke
W. Norman Aldridge
The Toxicology of Inhaled Nitric Oxide
In Vitro Human Tissue Models in Risk Assessment: Report of a Consensus-Building Workshop
Toward a Biologically Based Dose-Response Model for Developmental Toxicity of 5-Fluorouracil in the Rat: Acquisition of Experimental Data
Toward a Biologically Based Dose-Response Model for Developmental Toxicity of 5-Fluorouracil in the Rat: A Mathematical Construct
Ochratoxin A-Induced Tumor Formation: Is There a Role of Reactive Ochratoxin A Metabolites?
Urothelial Cytotoxicity and Regeneration Induced by Dimethylarsinic Acid in Rats
The Activity of NF-κB in Swiss 3T3 Cells Exposed to Aqueous Extracts of Cigarette Smoke Is Dependent on Thioredoxin
Strain-Related Differences in Bioactivation of Vinyl Carbamate and Formation of DNA Adducts in Lungs of A/J, CD-1, and C57BL/6 Mice
Effects of Subchronic Exposure to Complex Mixtures of Dioxin-like and Non-Dioxin-like Polyhalogenated Aromatic Compounds on Thyroid Hormone and Vitamin A Levels in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats
Disruption of Metallothionein Expression with Antisense Oligonucleotides Abolishes Protection Against Cadmium Cytotoxicity in Molluscan Hemocytes
Immunoglobulin Responses to Experimental Silicosis
Effects of Phenytoin on Glutathione Status and Oxidative Stress Biomarker Gene mRNA Levels in Cultured Precision Human Liver Slices
Alteration of Catecholamines in Pheochromocytoma (PC12) Cells in Vitro by the Metabolites of Chlorotriazine Herbicide
The Role of GTP Binding and Microtubule-Associated Proteins in the Inhibition of Microtubule Assembly by Carbendazim
Serum Levels of TCDD and Dioxin-like Chemicals in Rhesus Monkeys Chronically Exposed to Dioxin: Correlation of Increased Serum PCB Levels with Endometriosis
Safety Profile of Thalidomide after 53 Weeks of Oral Administration in Beagle Dogs
High Sensitivity of Nrf2 Knockout Mice to Acetaminophen Hepatotoxicity Associated with Decreased Expression of ARE-Regulated Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Antioxidant Genes
Effects of Dichloroacetate (DCA) on Serum Insulin Levels and Insulin-Controlled Signaling Proteins in Livers of Male B6C3F1 Mice
Application of cDNA Microarray to the Study of Arsenic-Induced Liver Diseases in the Population of Guizhou, China