Porphyrinurias Induced by Mercury and Other Metals
The Foundation and Functions of the International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX)
Statistical Issues in the Analysis of Low-Dose Endocrine Disruptor Data
The Paradoxes of MTBE
Evidence for Functionally Significant Polymorphism of Human Glutamate Cysteine Ligase Catalytic Subunit: Association with Glutathione Levels and Drug Resistance in the National Cancer Institute Tumor Cell Line Panel
Effects of 2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic Acid (DMPS) on Tissue and Urine Mercury Levels following Prolonged Methylmercury Exposure in Rats
Quantitative Evaluation of Urinary Porphyrins as a Measure of Kidney Mercury Content and Mercury Body Burden during Prolonged Methylmercury Exposure in Rats
Subchronic Exposure of [3H]-2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo- p -dioxin (TCDD) in Female B6C3F1 Mice: Relationship of Steady-State Levels to Disposition and Metabolism
In Vivo Antagonism of AhR-Mediated Gene Induction by 3′-Methoxy-4′-nitroflavone in TCDD-Responsive lacZ Mice
Cell-Type Specific Differences in Glutamate Cysteine Ligase Transcriptional Regulation Demonstrate Independent Subunit Control
Effects of Respiratory Acidosis and Alkalosis on the Distribution of Cyanide into the Rat Brain
Sodium Arsenite Enhances AP-1 and NFκ B DNA Binding and Induces Stress Protein Expression in Precision-Cut Rat Lung Slices
Cadmium-Induced Cell Transformation and Tumorigenesis Are Associated with Transcriptional Activation of c- fos , c- jun , and c- myc Proto-Oncogenes: Role of Cellular Calcium and Reactive Oxygen Species
Increasing Uptake and Bioactivation with Development Positively Modulate Diazinon Toxicity in Early Life Stage Medaka ( Oryzias latipes )
Stress-Related Gene Expression in Mice Treated with Inorganic Arsenicals
Developmental Exposure of Rats to a Reconstituted PCB Mixture or Aroclor 1254: Effects on Long-Term Potentiation and [3H]MK-801 Binding in Occipital Cortex and Hippocampus
Respiratory Tract Responses to Repeated Inhalation of an Oxidant and Acid Gas-Particle Air Pollutant Mixture
Canines as Sentinel Species for Assessing Chronic Exposures to Air Pollutants: Part 1. Respiratory Pathology
Canines as Sentinel Species for Assessing Chronic Exposures to Air Pollutants: Part 2. Cardiac Pathology
Effects of Prenatal Rubratoxin-B Exposure on Behaviors of Mouse Offspring
Use of a Pharmacokinetic Model to Assess Chlorpyrifos Exposure and Dose in Children, Based on Urinary Biomarker Measurements
Acute and Subchronic Oral Toxicities of Benzo[a]pyrene in F-344 Rats
Selective Disruption of Cadherin/Catenin Complexes by Oxidative Stress in Precision-Cut Mouse Liver Slices