Developmental Toxicity of a Triazole Fungicide: Consideration of Interorgan Communication
The Society of Toxicology's 1977 Actions on Laboratory Accreditation, Professional Certification, and Good Laboratory Practices in Toxicology
A Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model for Methyl tert -Butyl Ether in Humans: Implementing Sensitivity and Variability Analyses
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Vascular and Hepatocellular Peroxynitrite Formation during Acetaminophen Toxicity: Role of Mitochondrial Oxidant Stress
Metabolic Activation of Bisphenol A by Rat Liver S9 Fraction
Characterization of tert -Butyl Alcohol Binding to α2u-Globulin in F-344 Rats
Androgen-Mediated Development in Male Rat Offspring Exposed to Flutamide in Utero : Permanence and Correlation of Early Postnatal Changes in Anogenital Distance and Nipple Retention with Malformations in Androgen-Dependent Tissues
C57BL/6 Mice Are Resistant to Acute Restraint Modulation of Cutaneous Hypersensitivity
Masculinization of Female Mosquitofish in Kraft Mill Effluent-Contaminated Fenholloway River Water Is Associated with Androgen Receptor Agonist Activity
Low Exposure Concentration Effects of Methoprene on Endocrine-Regulated Processes in the Crustacean Daphnia magna
Effects of S-Ethyl Hexahydro-1H-azepine-1-carbothioate (Molinate) on Di-n-butyl Dichlorovinyl Phosphate (DBDCVP) Neuropathy
Associations of Lead Exposure and Dose Measures with Erythrocyte Protein Kinase C Activity in 212 Current Korean Lead Workers
Expression of AhR and ARNT mRNA in Cultured Human Endometrial Explants Exposed to TCDD
Effect of TCDD Exposure on CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 Expression in Explant Cultures of Human Endometrium
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Skeletal Effects of Developmental Lead Exposure in Rats
The Frequency of U-Shaped Dose Responses in the Toxicological Literature
The Effects of Perinatal Tebuconazole Exposure on Adult Neurological, Immunological, and Reproductive Function in Rats
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