Interaction between Noise and Asphyxiants: A Concern for Toxicology and Occupational Health
The Missing Link: The Story of Karl Paul Link
Predicted Regional Flux of Hydrogen Sulfide Correlates with Distribution of Nasal Olfactory Lesions in Rats
Increase in Bile Flow and Biliary Excretion of Glutathione-Derived Sulfhydryls in Rats by Drug-Metabolizing Enzyme Inducers Is Mediated by Multidrug Resistance Protein 2
St. John's Wort Extract Induces CYP3A and CYP2E1 in the Swiss Webster Mouse
A Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic (PBPK/PD) Model for the Organophosphate Insecticide Chlorpyrifos in Rats and Humans
Nonadditive Hepatic Tumor Promoting Effects by a Mixture of Two Structurally Different Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Female Rat Livers
Dioxin Inhibition of Estrogen-Induced Mouse Uterine Epithelial Mitogenesis Involves Changes in Cyclin and Transforming Growth Factor-β Expression
A Novel Cell Line, MDA-kb2, That Stably Expresses an Androgen- and Glucocorticoid-Responsive Reporter for the Detection of Hormone Receptor Agonists and Antagonists
Development of Two Androgen Receptor Assays Using Adenoviral Transduction of MMTV-Luc Reporter and/or hAR for Endocrine Screening
Combined Effects of Dietary Phytoestrogen and Synthetic Endocrine-Active Compound on Reproductive Development in Sprague-Dawley Rats: Genistein and Methoxychlor
Developmental Exposure to Brominated Diphenyl Ethers Results in Thyroid Hormone Disruption
Effect of a Single Oral Dose of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo- p -dioxin on Immune Function in Male NC/Nga Mice
Effect of Varying Caloric Restriction Levels on Female Rat Growth and 5-Hydroxymethyl-2′-deoxyuridine in DNA
Potentiation of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Low Concentrations of Hydrogen Cyanide in Rats
Rat Hippocampal Glutamate and GABA Release Exhibit Biphasic Effects as a Function of Chronic Lead Exposure Level
Sensorimotor Deficit and Cholinergic Changes following Coexposure with Pyridostigmine Bromide and Sarin in Rats
Selective Inhibition of Murine Palatal Mesenchymal Cell Proliferation in Vitro by Secalonic Acid D
Muscarinic Receptor Antagonist-Induced Lenticular Opacity in Rats