Nicotine: Potentially a Multifunctional Carcinogen?
Workshop Overview: Hepatotoxicity Assessment for Botanical Dietary Supplements
Evaluation of a Rat Model versus a Physiologically Based Extraction Test for Assessing Phenanthrene Bioavailability from Soils
Kinetic Modeling of β-Chloroprene Metabolism: I. In vitro Rates in Liver and Lung Tissue Fractions from Mice, Rats, Hamsters, and Humans
Kinetic Modeling of β-Chloroprene Metabolism: II. The Application of Physiologically Based Modeling for Cancer Dose Response Analysis
Correlation of Tumors with DNA Adducts from Methyl Eugenol and Tamoxifen in Rats
Initiating Activity of 4-Chlorobiphenyl Metabolites in the Resistant Hepatocyte Model
Modulation of Carcinogen Metabolism and DNA Interaction by Calcium Glucarate in Mouse Skin
Inorganic Cadmium- and Arsenite-Induced Malignant Transformation of Human Bladder Urothelial Cells
Enhanced Rat Hershberger Assay Appears Reliable for Detection of Not Only (Anti-)androgenic Chemicals but Also Thyroid Hormone Modulators
Genotoxic and Antiapoptotic Effect of Nicotine on Human Gingival Fibroblasts
Human CD34+ Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells Are Sensitive Targets for Toxicity Induced by 1,4-Benzoquinone
Evaluation of the Use of Reporter Antigens in an Auricular Lymph Node Assay to Assess the Immunosensitizing Potential of Drugs
Altered AP-1 (Activating Protein-1) Activity and c-jun Activation in T Cells Exposed to the Amide Class Herbicide 3,4-Dichloropropionanilide (DCPA)
In Vitro Toxicity of Kava Alkaloid, Pipermethystine, in HepG2 Cells Compared to Kavalactones
Neurotoxicity Produced by Dibromoacetic Acid in Drinking Water of Rats
Development of Behavioral Sensitization to the Cocaine-Like Fungicide Triadimefon Is Prevented by AMPA, NMDa, DA D1 but Not DA D2 RECEPTOR Antagonists
Rotenone-Induced Apoptosis Is Mediated By p38 And JNK MAP Kinases In Human Dopaminergic SH-SY5Y Cells
Ortho-Substituted but Not Coplanar PCBs Rapidly Kill Cerebellar Granule Cells
In Utero and Lactation Exposure of Rats to 1R4F Reference Cigarette Mainstream Smoke: Effect on Prenatal and Postnatal Development
Prediction of Torsade-Causing Potential of Drugs by Support Vector Machine Approach
The Value of DNA Methylation Analysis in Basic, Initial Toxicity Assessments
Biliary Secretory Function in Rats Chronically Intoxicated with Aluminum
Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Combined Bile Acid–Induced Cytotoxicity: The Switch Between Apoptosis and Necrosis