The Vascular System as a Target of Metal Toxicity
Concentrations of the Propylene Metabolite Propylene Oxide in Blood of Propylene-Exposed Rats and Humans—a Basis for Risk Assessment
Mdm2 as a Sensitive and Mechanistically Informative Marker for Genotoxicity Induced by Benzo[a]pyrene and Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene
A Biologically Based Dose-Response Model for Dietary Iodide and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis in the Adult Rat: Evaluation of Iodide Deficiency
Synergistic Neurotoxic Effects of Arsenic and Dopamine in Human Dopaminergic Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Cells
Protective Response of the Ah Receptor to ANIT-Induced Biliary Epithelial Cell Toxicity in See-Through Medaka
Newspapers and Newspaper Ink Contain Agonists for the Ah Receptor
Toxicogenomic Analysis of Gender, Chemical, and Dose Effects in Livers of TCDD- or Aroclor 1254–Exposed Rats Using a Multifactor Linear Model
Cadmium, Vectorial Active Transport, and MT-3–Dependent Regulation of Cadherin Expression in Human Proximal Tubular Cells
Positive Signaling Interactions between Arsenic and Ethanol for Angiogenic Gene Induction in Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells
Cardiac Oxidative Stress and Electrophysiological Changes in Rats Exposed to Concentrated Ambient Particles are Mediated by TRP-Dependent Pulmonary Reflexes
Persistent Induction of Hepatic and Pulmonary Phase II Enzymes by 3-Methylcholanthrene in Rats
Cadmium-Induced Germline Apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans: The Roles of HUS1, p53, and MAPK Signaling Pathways
Flow Cytometric Analysis of Micronuclei in Peripheral Blood Reticulocytes IV: An Index of Chromosomal Damage in the Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta)
Increased Transcription of Immune and Metabolic Pathways in Naïve and Allergic Mice Exposed to Diesel Exhaust
Gestational and Lactational Exposure to Ethinyl Estradiol, but not Bisphenol A, Decreases Androgen-Dependent Reproductive Organ Weights and Epididymal Sperm Abundance in the Male Long Evans Hooded Rat
Evidence for Carbon Monoxide as the Major Factor Contributing to Lower Fetal Weights in Rats Exposed to Cigarette Smoke
Two-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Evaluation of Dietary 17β-Estradiol (E2; CAS No. 50-28-2) in CD-1 (Swiss) Mice
Glucocorticoids Alter Craniofacial Development and Increase Expression and Activity of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Developing Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
A Gene-Shuffled Glyphosate Acetyltransferase Protein from Bacillus licheniformis (GAT4601) Shows No Evidence of Allergenicity or Toxicity
Role of Tissue Kallikrein in Prevention and Recovery of Gentamicin-Induced Renal Injury
Integration of Clinical Chemistry, Expression, and Metabolite Data Leads to Better Toxicological Class Separation