Roles of Coactivator Proteins in Dioxin Induction of CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 in Human Breast Cancer Cells
The 2,2′,4,4′,5,5′-Hexachlorobiphenyl–Enhanced Degradation of Connexin 43 Involves Both Proteasomal and Lysosomal Activities
Evaluation of Dichloroacetic Acid for Carcinogenicity in Genetically Modified Tg.AC Hemizygous and p53 Haploinsufficient Mice
Effects of Perinatal PBDE Exposure on Hepatic Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Deiodinase 1 Gene Expression Involved in Thyroid Hormone Metabolism in Male Rat Pups
The Genomic Response of a Human Uterine Endometrial Adenocarcinoma Cell Line to 17α-Ethynyl Estradiol
The Effects of Triclosan on Puberty and Thyroid Hormones in Male Wistar Rats
Gene Expression Profiles in Zebrafish Brain after Acute Exposure to Domoic Acid at Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Doses
Physical-Chemical and Solvent Considerations in Evaluating the Influence of Carbon Chain Length on the Skin Sensitization Activity of 1-Bromoalkanes
TCDD-Mediated Suppression of the In Vitro Anti-Sheep Erythrocyte IgM Antibody Forming Cell Response is Reversed by Interferon-Gamma
A Concentration Addition Model for the Activation of the Constitutive Androstane Receptor by Xenobiotic Mixtures
Filling the Concept with Data: Integrating Data from Different In Vitro and In Silico Assays on Skin Sensitizers to Explore the Battery Approach for Animal-Free Skin Sensitization Testing
Screening of Potentially Hormonally Active Chemicals Using Bioluminescent Yeast Bioreporters
Methylmercury Toxicity and Nrf2-dependent Detoxification in Astrocytes
Tyrosines of Human and Mouse Transferrin Covalently Labeled by Organophosphorus Agents: A New Motif for Binding to Proteins that Have No Active Site Serine
Manganese Induces Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration via Microglial Activation in a Rat Model of Manganism
Influence of PCB153 on Oxidative DNA Damage and DNA Repair–Related Gene Expression Induced by PBDE-47 in Human Neuroblastoma Cells In Vitro
Synaptosomal Toxicity and Nucleophilic Targets of 4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal
Ceruloplasmin Alters the Tissue Disposition and Neurotoxicity of Manganese, but not its Loading onto Transferrin
Chromosomal Mosaicism in Mouse Two-Cell Embryos after Paternal Exposure to Acrylamide
Cadmium-Induced Differential Toxicogenomic Response in Resistant and Sensitive Mouse Strains Undergoing Neurulation
Dose Response Effects of Dermally applied Diethanolamine on Neurogenesis in Fetal Mouse Hippocampus and Potential Exposure of Humans
Nickel and the Microbial Toxin, MALP-2, Stimulate Proangiogenic Mediators from Human Lung Fibroblasts via a HIF-1α and COX-2–Mediated Pathway
Differential Binding of Inorganic Particles to MARCO
Investigation of the Low-Dose Response in the In Vivo Induction of Micronuclei and Adducts by Acrylamide
Gene Expression Analysis Reveals New Possible Mechanisms of Vancomycin-Induced Nephrotoxicity and Identifies Gene Markers Candidates
Coexposure of Mice to Trovafloxacin and Lipopolysaccharide, a Model of Idiosyncratic Hepatotoxicity, Results in a Unique Gene Expression Profile and Interferon Gamma–Dependent Liver Injury
Age-Dependent Variability in Gene Expression in Male Fischer 344 Rat Retina
4-Aminobiphenyl Downregulation of NAT2 Acetylator Genotype–Dependent N- and O-acetylation of Aromatic and Heterocyclic Amine Carcinogens in Primary Mammary Epithelial Cell Cultures from Rapid and Slow Acetylator Rats
An Increased Regional Blood Flow Precedes Mesenteric Inflammation in Rats Treated by a Phosphodiesterase 4 Inhibitor