Of Mice and Men (and Rats): Phthalate-Induced Fetal Testis Endocrine Disruption Is Species-Dependent
SOT/EUROTOX Debate: Biomarkers From Blood and Urine Will Replace Traditional Histopathological Evaluation to Determine Adverse Responses
Expression, Circulation, and Excretion Profile of MicroRNA-21, -155, and -18a Following Acute Kidney Injury
Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonist-Induced Striated Muscle Toxicity and Ethylmalonic-Adipic Aciduria in Beagle Dogs
Oxidative Metabolism of BDE-99 by Human Liver Microsomes: Predominant Role of CYP2B6
Late-onset Increases in Oxidative Stress and Other Tumorigenic Activities and Tumors With a Ha- ras Mutation in the Liver of Adult Male C3H Mice Gestationally Exposed to Arsenic
In Utero Arsenic Exposure Is Associated With Impaired Thymic Function in Newborns Possibly Via Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis
Toxicogenomic Profiles in Relation to Maternal Immunotoxic Exposure and Immune Functionality in Newborns
Using Novel In Vitro NociOcular Assay Based on TRPV1 Channel Activation for Prediction of Eye Sting Potential of Baby Shampoos
Prediction of Liver Injury Induced by Chemicals in Human With a Multiparametric Assay on Isolated Mouse Liver Mitochondria
Palmitate Increases the Susceptibility of Cells to Drug-Induced Toxicity: An In Vitro Method to Identify Drugs With Potential Contraindications in Patients With Metabolic Disease
JNK-Dependent Stat3 Phosphorylation Contributes to Akt Activation in Response to Arsenic Exposure
Role of the Ah Receptor in Homeostatic Control of Fatty Acid Synthesis in the Liver
Transcriptional Profiles in the Cerebral Hemisphere of Chicken Embryos Following In Ovo Perfluorohexane Sulfonate Exposure
Expression and Inducibility of Cytochrome P450s (CYP1A1, 2B6, 2E1, 3A4) in Human Cord Blood CD34+ Stem Cell–Derived Differentiating Neuronal Cells
Characterization of Mitophagy in the 6-Hydoxydopamine Parkinson’s Disease Model
The Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay: Selectivity of Chemical Respiratory Allergens
Application of a Multi-Route Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model for Manganese to Evaluate Dose-Dependent Neurological Effects in Monkeys
Parameterizing Dose-Response Models to Estimate Relative Potency Functions Directly
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