Emerging Mechanistic Targets in Lung Injury Induced by Combustion-Generated Particles
Consideration of Rat Chronic Progressive Nephropathy in Regulatory Evaluations for Carcinogenicity
Assessment of Emerging Biomarkers of Liver Injury in Human Subjects
Propiconazole Inhibits Steroidogenesis and Reproduction in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas)
Complex II of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Is the Key Mediator of Divalent Manganese-Induced Hydrogen Peroxide Production in Microglia
Integrative Analysis of miRNA and Inflammatory Gene Expression After Acute Particulate Matter Exposure
Phenotypic Profiling of Structural Cardiotoxins In Vitro Reveals Dependency on Multiple Mechanisms of Toxicity
Relative Impact of Incorporating Pharmacokinetics on Predicting In Vivo Hazard and Mode of Action from High-Throughput In Vitro Toxicity Assays
Functional Profiling Discovers the Dieldrin Organochlorinated Pesticide Affects Leucine Availability in Yeast
Differential Action of Monohydroxylated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Estrogen Receptors α and β
Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation Attenuates Per1 Gene Induction and Influences Circadian Clock Resetting
Hypoxia-Response Element (HRE)–Directed Transcriptional Regulation of the Rat Lysyl Oxidase Gene in Response to Cobalt and Cadmium
Mass Spectrometry Method to Identify Aging Pathways of Sp- and Rp-Tabun Adducts on Human Butyrylcholinesterase Based on the Acid Labile P-N Bond
Low-Level Domoic Acid Protects Mouse Cerebellar Granule Neurons from Acute Neurotoxicity
Comparative Toxicological Study of the Novel Protein Phosphatase Inhibitor 19-Epi-Okadaic Acid in Primary Cultures of Rat Cerebellar Cells
Brain Hemispheric Differences in the Neurochemical Effects of Lead, Prenatal Stress, and the Combination and Their Amelioration by Behavioral Experience
Postweaning Exposure to Dietary Zearalenone, a Mycotoxin, Promotes Premature Onset of Puberty and Disrupts Early Pregnancy Events in Female Mice
Identification of Transcription Factors and Coactivators Affected by Dibutylphthalate Interactions in Fetal Rat Testes
Transcriptome Alterations Following Developmental Atrazine Exposure in Zebrafish Are Associated with Disruption of Neuroendocrine and Reproductive System Function, Cell Cycle, and Carcinogenesis
Hypoxia Stress Test Reveals Exaggerated Cardiovascular Effects in Hypertensive Rats After Exposure to the Air Pollutant Acrolein
The Spectrum of Circulating RNA
Cardiotrophin-1 Administration Prevents the Renal Toxicity of Iodinated Contrast Media in Rats