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Genotoxicity Profile of Azidothymidine In Vitro
Toxicogenomics-Based Identification of Mechanisms for Direct Immunotoxicity
Vitrigel-Eye Irritancy Test Method Using HCE-T Cells
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Differential Expression of Long Noncoding RNAs in the Livers of Female B6C3F1 Mice Exposed to the Carcinogen Furan
Serine 9 and Tyrosine 216 Phosphorylation of GSK-3β Differentially Regulates Autophagy in Acquired Cadmium Resistance
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Cellular Impedance Assays for Predictive Preclinical Drug Screening of Kinase Inhibitor Cardiovascular Toxicity
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Nitrogen Dioxide and Ultrafine Particles Dominate the Biological Effects of Inhaled Diesel Exhaust Treated by a Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter
Pan-FGFR Inhibition Leads to Blockade of FGF23 Signaling, Soft Tissue Mineralization, and Cardiovascular Dysfunction
Toxicogenomic Evaluation of Long-term Hepatic Effects of TCDD in Immature, Ovariectomized C57BL/6 Mice
Transcriptional Suppression of CYP2A13 Expression by Lipopolysaccharide in Cultured Human Lung Cells and the Lungs of a CYP2A13-Humanized Mouse Model