From the Editor's Desk, Editor's Highlights
Exosomes in Toxicology : Relevance to Chemical Exposure and Pathogenesis of Environmentally Linked Diseases
Chemical or Drug Hypersensitivity : Is the Immune System Clearing the Danger?
Performance Assessment and Translation of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models From acslX to Berkeley Madonna, MATLAB, and R Language : Oxytetracycline and Gold Nanoparticles As Case Examples
From the Cover : Usage of Dexamethasone Increases the Risk of Cranial Neural Crest Dysplasia in the Chick Embryo
Editor’s Highlight : Collaborative Cross Mouse Population Enables Refinements to Characterization of the Variability in Toxicokinetics of Trichloroethylene and Provides Genetic Evidence for the Role of PPAR Pathway in Its Oxidative Metabolism
From the Cover : Tributyltin Alters the Bone Marrow Microenvironment and Suppresses B Cell Development
Characterization of Drug-Specific Signaling Between Primary Human Hepatocytes and Immune Cells
Uridine Diphosphate-Glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 2B Subfamily Interspecies Differences in Carnivores
Editor’s Highlight : Congener-Specific Disposition of Chiral Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Lactating Mice and Their Offspring
Editor’s Highlight : Modifying Role of Endothelial Function Gene Variants on the Association of Long-Term PM2.5 Exposure With Blood DNA Methylation Age: The VA Normative Aging Study
Efflux Transporters Regulate Arsenite-Induced Genotoxicity in Double Negative and Double Positive T Cells
A Comparative Benchmark Dose Study for N, N-Dimethylformamide Induced Liver Injury in a Chinese Occupational Cohort
From the Cover : Comparative Proteomics Reveals Silver Nanoparticles Alter Fatty Acid Metabolism and Amyloid Beta Clearance for Neuronal Apoptosis in a Triple Cell Coculture Model of the Blood–Brain Barrier
Blinded Contractility Analysis in hiPSC-Cardiomyocytes in Engineered Heart Tissue Format : Comparison With Human Atrial Trabeculae
Hepatic Hazard Assessment of Silver Nanoparticle Exposure in Healthy and Chronically Alcohol Fed Mice
Editor’s Highlight : Base Excision Repair Variants and Pesticide Exposure Increase Parkinson’s Disease Risk
High-Throughput Screening Data Interpretation in the Context of In Vivo Transcriptomic Responses to Oral Cr(VI) Exposure
Deconvoluting Kinase Inhibitor Induced Cardiotoxicity
From the Cover : Interplay Between IFN-γ and IL-6 Impacts the Inflammatory Response and Expression of Interferon-Regulated Genes in Environmental-Induced Autoimmunity
4-Bromodiphenyl Ether Induces Germ Cell Apoptosis by Induction of ROS and DNA Damage in Caenorhabditis elegans