From the Editor's Desk, Editor's Highlights
Diesel Engine Exhaust : Basis for Occupational Exposure Limit Value
The Role of Omics in the Application of Adverse Outcome Pathways for Chemical Risk Assessment
Biomarkers of Chronic Acrolein Inhalation Exposure in Mice : Implications for Tobacco Product-Induced Toxicity
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Induced CHOP Inhibits PGC-1α and Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Diabetic Embryopathy
Editor’s Highlight : Therapeutic Concentrations of Antidepressants Inhibit Pancreatic Beta-Cell Function via Mitochondrial Complex Inhibition
From the Cover : Aloin, a Component of the Aloe Vera Plant Leaf, Induces Pathological Changes and Modulates the Composition of Microbiota in the Large Intestines of F344/N Male Rats
From the Cover : Evaluation of the Effects of Tanezumab, a Monoclonal Antibody Against Nerve Growth Factor, on the Sympathetic Nervous System in Adult Cynomolgus Monkeys (Macaca fascicularis): A Stereologic, Histomorphologic, and Cardiofunctional Assessment
Editor’s Highlight : Farnesoid X Receptor Protects Against Low-Dose Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Liver Injury Through the Taurocholate-JNK Pathway
Troglitazone Inhibits Bile Acid Amidation : A Possible Risk Factor for Liver Injury
From the Cover : Metabolomics Reveals a Role of Betaine in Prenatal DBP Exposure-Induced Epigenetic Transgenerational Failure of Spermatogenesis in Rats
Xenobiotic CAR Activators Induce Dlk1-Dio3 Locus Noncoding RNA Expression in Mouse Liver
Mechanism of As2O3-Induced Action Potential Prolongation and Using hiPS-CMs to Evaluate the Rescue Efficacy of Drugs With Different Rescue Mechanism
In Silico Prediction of Drug-Induced Liver Injury Based on Adverse Drug Reaction Reports
Detection of 3,3′-Dichlorobiphenyl in Human Maternal Plasma and Its Effects on Axonal and Dendritic Growth in Primary Rat Neurons
Editor’s Highlight : Mode of Action Analysis for Rat Hepatocellular Tumors Produced by the Synthetic Pyrethroid Momfluorothrin
Editor’s Highlight : Transcriptome Profiling Reveals Bisphenol A Alternatives Activate Estrogen Receptor Alpha in Human Breast Cancer Cells
From the Cover : ROS-Induced Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry Coupled to PARP-1 Hyperactivation Is Independent of PARG Activity in Necrotic Cell Death
Respiratory Effects and Systemic Stress Response Following Acute Acrolein Inhalation in Rats
Quantification of Estradiol Uptake in Zebrafish Embryos and Larvae