Dietary cadmium inhibits spontaneous hepatocarcinogenesis in C3H/HeN mice and hepatitis in A/J mice, but not in C57BL/6 mice
Transplacental carcinogenicity of inorganic arsenic in the drinking water: induction of hepatic, ovarian, pulmonary, and adrenal tumors in mice
Impact of in vitro gallium arsenide exposure on macrophages
Prevention of short-term ultraviolet B radiation-mediated damages by resveratrol in SKH-1 hairless mice ☆
Size effect of intratracheally instilled particles on pulmonary inflammation and vascular thrombosis
M40403, a superoxide dismutase mimetic, protects cochlear hair cells from gentamicin, but not cisplatin toxicity
Polychlorinated biphenyls as initiators in liver carcinogenesis: resistant hepatocyte model