Inflammatory effects of coarse and fine particulate matter in relation to chemical and biological constituents
Activation of plasma membrane reduced glutathione transport in death receptor apoptosis of HepG2 cells
Exposure parameters necessary for delayed puberty and mammary gland development in Long–Evans rats exposed in utero to atrazine
Pulmonary and systemic effects of short-term inhalation exposure to ultrafine carbon black particles
Role of inducible nitric oxide synthase-derived nitric oxide in lipopolysaccharide plus interferon-γ-induced pulmonary inflammation
A profile of the in vitro antitumor activity of lissoclinolide
Mechanisms of gastroprotection by lansoprazole pretreatment against experimentally induced injury in rats: role of mucosal oxidative damage and sulfhydryl compounds
Development of an in vitro blood–brain barrier model—cytotoxicity of mercury and aluminum
A comparative study on the effects of 2,3,7,8,-tetrachlorodibenzo- p -dioxin polychlorinated biphenyl126 and estrogen in human bronchial epithelial cells
Polychlorinated biphenyl 126 stimulates basal and inducible aldosterone biosynthesis of human adrenocortical H295R cells
A mechanistic study of cigarette smoke and cyclooxygenase-2 on proliferation of gastric cancer cells
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic effects of amiodarone in plasma of ponies after single intravenous administration
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