Alterations of rat liver mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and calcium uptake by benzo[ a ]pyrene
Inhibition of cell cycle progression by penta-acetyl geniposide in rat C6 glioma cells
7–12 Dimethylbenz[ a ]anthracene-induced bone marrow hypocellularity is dependent on signaling through both the TNFR and PKR
Respiratory tract toxicity of inhaled hydrogen sulfide in Fischer-344 rats, Sprague–Dawley rats, and B6C3F1 mice following subchronic (90-day) exposure
Crambene, a bioactive nitrile derived from glucosinolate hydrolysis, acts via the antioxidant response element to upregulate quinone reductase alone or synergistically with indole-3-carbinol
Differential induction of heme oxygenase and other stress proteins in cultured hippocampal astrocytes and neurons by inorganic lead
2,5-Hexanedione-induced changes in the monomeric neurofilament protein content of rat spinal cord fractions