Special issue: Membrane transporters in toxicology
Organic anion transporter ( Slc22a ) family members as mediators of toxicity
Multidrug resistance proteins: role of P-glycoprotein, MRP1, MRP2, and BCRP (ABCG2) in tissue defense
Molecular mechanisms of reduced glutathione transport: role of the MRP/CFTR/ABCC and OATP/SLC21A families of membrane proteins
Expression systems for cloned xenobiotic transporters
Hepatic mitochondrial glutathione: transport and role in disease and toxicity
Molecular and ionic mimicry and the transport of toxic metals
Role of organic cation transporters in the renal handling of therapeutic agents and xenobiotics
Intestinal glutathione: determinant of mucosal peroxide transport, metabolism, and oxidative susceptibility
Role of glutathione transport processes in kidney function
The importance of glutamate, glycine, and γ-aminobutyric acid transport and regulation in manganese, mercury and lead neurotoxicity
The dopamine transporter: role in neurotoxicity and human disease