7-Alkylguanine adduct levels in urine, lungs and liver of mice exposed to styrene by inhalation
Gene expression influences on metal immunomodulation
The influence of high iron diet on rat lung manganese absorption
Modification of N -Methyl- N -Nitrosourea initiated bladder carcinogenesis in Wistar rats by terephthalic acid
Sex difference in the principal cytochrome P -450 for tributyltin metabolism in rats
The higher toxicity of cereulide relative to valinomycin is due to its higher affinity for potassium at physiological plasma concentration
1,2-Naphthoquinone activates vanilloid receptor 1 through increased protein tyrosine phosphorylation, leading to contraction of guinea pig trachea
Enhancement of esculetin on Taxol-induced apoptosis in human hepatoma HepG2 cells
Inhalation pharmacokinetics of ethylbenzene in B6C3F1 mice
Role of αvβ5 integrin receptor in endocytosis of crocidolite and its effect on intracellular glutathione levels in human lung epithelial (A549) cells
Salacia oblonga root improves cardiac lipid metabolism in Zucker diabetic fatty rats: Modulation of cardiac PPAR-α-mediated transcription of fatty acid metabolic genes
Activation of transcription factor AP-1 and mitogen-activated protein kinases in aniline-induced splenic toxicity
Below background levels of blood lead impact cytokine levels in male and female mice
Ketamine-induced apoptosis in cultured rat cortical neurons
Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-stimulated NO production by crotafuran B in RAW 264.7 macrophages involves the blockade of NF-κB activation through the increase in IκBα synthesis
Stimulation of erythrocyte phosphatidylserine exposure by mercury ions
Effects of 1,25-dihydroxicolecalciferol and dietary calcium–phosphate on distribution of lead to tissues during growth
Effect of quercetin on metallothionein, nitric oxide synthases and cyclooxygenase-2 expression on experimental chronic cadmium nephrotoxicity in rats
Butyl benzyl phthalate blocks Ca2+ signaling coupled with purinoceptor in rat PC12 cells
Interactive toxicity of chlorpyrifos and parathion in neonatal rats: Role of esterases in exposure sequence-dependent toxicity
Inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-α-induced expression of adhesion molecules in human endothelial cells by the saponins derived from roots of Platycodon grandiflorum
Increased hepatotoxicity of acetaminophen in Hsp70i knockout mice
Metabolism of trans, trans -muconaldehyde, a cytotoxic metabolite of benzene, in mouse liver by alcohol dehydrogenase Adh1 and aldehyde reductase AKR1A4