Online monitoring of cell metabolism for studying pharmacodynamic effects

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To characterize modes of action of substances and their cytotoxic effects Bionas GmbH has developed a new screening system to allow the continuous recording of how an active substance can act (Bionas® 2500 analyzing system). In the pharmaceutical industry it is important to acquire as much information as possible about the metabolic effects of an active substance. Most classical pre-clinical studies are very expensive and time-consuming. Often they are so-called end-point tests which require many individual tests before approximate statements can be made about how an effect takes its course. With the Bionas® 2500 analyzing system metabolically relevant data including oxygen consumption, acidification rate and the adhesion (cell impedance) of cells can be measured in parallel, online and label-free. Using e.g. ion-sensitive field effect-transistors (ISFET) and electrode structures it is possible to observe metabolic parameters non-invasively and continuously over longer periods of time. The system has already been established for several cell models, cell lines as well as primary cells. It also offers the advantage that regenerative effects can be observed during the same test run.

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