Assessment of the U937 cell line for the detection of contact allergens
Cerebral edema induced in mice by a convulsive dose of soman. Evaluation through diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and histology
The regulatory effect of SC-236 (4-[5-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-(trifluoromethyl)-1-pyrazol-1-l]benzenesulfonamide) on stem cell factor induced migration of mast cells
Arsenic induces apoptosis in mouse liver is mitochondria dependent and is abrogated by N -acetylcysteine
The combination of donepezil and procyclidine protects against soman-induced seizures in rats
Activation of protein kinase C and disruption of endothelial monolayer integrity by sodium arsenite—Potential mechanism in the development of atherosclerosis
Boric acid inhibits embryonic histone deacetylases: A suggested mechanism to explain boric acid-related teratogenicity
Tissue- and cell-specific expression of metallothionein genes in cadmium- and copper-exposed mussels analyzed by in situ hybridization and RT–PCR
Differential protein expression of peroxiredoxin I and II by benzo(a)pyrene and quercetin treatment in 22Rv1 and PrEC prostate cell lines
Selenium metabolites in urine of cancer patients receiving l-selenomethionine at high doses
In vitro gene expression data supporting a DNA non-reactive genotoxic mechanism for ochratoxin A
Cytotoxicity of SiO2 in A549 cells
Response to letter to the Editor from Dr. Hoet regarding article “In vitro toxicity of silica nanoparticles in human lung cancer cells”, published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 2006 volume 217, issue 3 (pages 252–259)