Hydrolysis of pyrethroids by human and rat tissues: Examination of intestinal, liver and serum carboxylesterases
Cigarette smoke toxicants as substrates and inhibitors for human cytosolic SULTs
Mercury species in lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues after exposure to methyl mercury: Correlation with autoimmune parameters during and after treatment in susceptible mice
Basal and 3,3′,4,4′,5-pentachlorobiphenyl-induced expression of cytochrome P450 1A, 1B and 1C genes in zebrafish
Involvement of apoptotic cell death and cell cycle perturbation in retinoic acid-induced cleft palate in mice
ERK-dependent and -independent pathways trigger human neural progenitor cell migration
Exposure in utero to 2,2′,3,3′,4,6′-hexachlorobiphenyl (PCB 132) impairs sperm function and alters testicular apoptosis-related gene expression in rat offspring
Non-invasive fluorescent imaging of gliosis in transgenic mice for profiling developmental neurotoxicity
Nitric oxide and bcl-2 mediated the apoptosis induced by nickel(II) in human T hybridoma cells
Lonidamine affects testicular steroid hormones in immature mice
Estradiol affects liver mitochondrial function in ovariectomized and tamoxifen-treated ovariectomized female rats
Various effects of antidepressant drugs on bone microarchitectecture, mechanical properties and bone remodeling
Arsenite and insulin exhibit opposing effects on epidermal growth factor receptor and keratinocyte proliferative potential
Corrigendum to “The influence of water mixtures on the dermal absorption of glycol ethers” [Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 218 (2007) 128–134],