Air pollution particles diminish bacterial clearance in the primed lungs of mice
Uncoupling protein-2 up-regulation and enhanced cyanide toxicity are mediated by PPARα activation and oxidative stress
15d-PGJ2 stimulates HO-1 expression through p38 MAP kinase and Nrf-2 pathway in rat vascular smooth muscle cells
Cobaltous chloride and hypoxia inhibit aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated responses in breast cancer cells
Protective effects of a squalene synthase inhibitor, lapaquistat acetate (TAK-475), on statin-induced myotoxicity in guinea pigs
Occupational exposure to antineoplastic agents induces a high level of chromosome damage. Lack of an effect of GST polymorphisms
Hepatic injury induces contrasting response in liver and kidney to chemicals that are metabolically activated: Role of male sex hormone
The aryl hydrocarbon receptor is required for normal gonadotropin responsiveness in the mouse ovary
Role of cannabinoidergic mechanisms in ethanol self-administration and ethanol seeking in rat adult offspring following perinatal exposure to Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol
Glomerular nephrotoxicity of aminoglycosides