Involvement of mitogen-activated protein kinases and NFκB in LPS-induced CD40 expression on human monocytic cells
SNPs of GSTM1, T1, P1, epoxide hydrolase and DNA repair enzyme XRCC1 and risk of urinary transitional cell carcinoma in southwestern Taiwan
Thermodynamic basis for expressing dose logarithmically
Human inter-individual variability in metabolism and genotoxic response to zidovudine
Dosimetry considerations in the enhanced sensitivity of male Wistar rats to chronic ethylene glycol-induced nephrotoxicity
Supression of inflammatory responses by labdane-type diterpenoids
Nickel compounds induce histone ubiquitination by inhibiting histone deubiquitinating enzyme activity
Biological interactions of quantum dot nanoparticles in skin and in human epidermal keratinocytes
A new lactoferrin- and iron-dependent lysosomal death pathway is induced by benzo[ a ]pyrene in hepatic epithelial cells
Secretory phospholipase A2 mediates progression of acute liver injury in the absence of sufficient cyclooxygenase-2
Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 aggravates secretory phospholipase A2-mediated progression of acute liver injury
Neuronal effects of 4- t -Butylcatechol: A model for catechol-containing antioxidants
Lipopolysaccharide induces VCAM-1 expression and neutrophil adhesion to human tracheal smooth muscle cells: Involvement of Src/EGFR/PI3-K/Akt pathway