Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference 2007 emerging issues and challenges in risk assessment
Understanding of recent issues and challenges in risk assessment
Biomarkers of Exposure and Effects
ACToR — Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource
An exposure–response database for detailed toxicity data
FDA toxicity databases and real-time data entry
The Air Toxics Health Effects Database (ATHED)
Human health risk assessment database, “the NHSRC toxicity value database”
Databases applicable to quantitative hazard/risk assessment—Towards a predictive systems toxicology
Resources for global risk assessment
Towards standards for data exchange and integration and their impact on a public database such as CEBS (Chemical Effects in Biological Systems)
Online toxicology resources in support of risk assessment from the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Characterizing interspecies uncertainty using data from studies of anti-neoplastic agents in animals and humans
Summary of the workshop on the power of aggregated toxicity data
Interpretation of biomonitoring data in clinical medicine and the exposure sciences
Chromosomal changes in high- and low-invasive mouse lung adenocarcinoma cell strains derived from early passage mouse lung adenocarcinoma cell strains
Roles of biomarkers in evaluating interactions among mixtures of lead, cadmium and arsenic
Measurement of oxidative stress parameters using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectroscopy (LC–MS/MS)
Risk assessment in international operations
Proteomic and metabolomic biomarkers for III–V semiconductors
Chemical mixtures
An approach for assessing human exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment
Use of epidemiologic data in Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) assessments
Thermoregulatory responses to environmental toxicants
Effect of stress at dosing on organophosphate and heavy metal toxicity