Historical perspectives on cadmium toxicology
Current status of cadmium as an environmental health problem
Role of oxidative stress in cadmium toxicity and carcinogenesis
Metallothionein protection of cadmium toxicity
Cadmium and cellular signaling cascades: To be or not to be?
Cadmium-induced testicular injury
Discovery of ZIP transporters that participate in cadmium damage to testis and kidney
Cadmium osteotoxicity in experimental animals: Mechanisms and relationship to human exposures
Cadmium—A metallohormone?
Mechanisms of cadmium carcinogenesis
Cadmium-containing nanoparticles: Perspectives on pharmacology and toxicology of quantum dots
Cadmium, diabetes and chronic kidney disease
Monitoring of human populations for early markers of cadmium toxicity: A review
Preclinical evaluation of novel urinary biomarkers of cadmium nephrotoxicity
Expression of kidney injury molecule-1 (Kim-1) in relation to necrosis and apoptosis during the early stages of Cd-induced proximal tubule injury
Pleiotropic effects of cadmium in mesangial cells