Role of caspase-1 and interleukin-1β in acetaminophen-induced hepatic inflammation and liver injury
Ionic dependence of sulphur mustard cytotoxicity
Ventilatory function assessment in safety pharmacology: Optimization of rodent studies using normocapnic or hypercapnic conditions
Influence of GSTs , CYP2E1 and mEH polymorphisms on 1, 3-butadiene-induced micronucleus frequency in Chinese workers
House-dust mite allergen and ozone exposure decreases histamine H3 receptors in the brainstem respiratory nuclei
Mechanism-based biomarker gene sets for glutathione depletion-related hepatotoxicity in rats
Effects of fluorotelomer alcohol 8:2 FTOH on steroidogenesis in H295R cells: Targeting the cAMP signalling cascade
Divergent actions of the pyrethroid insecticides S -bioallethrin, tefluthrin, and deltamethrin on rat Nav1.6 sodium channels
Procaspase-activating compound 1 induces a caspase-3-dependent cell death in cerebellar granule neurons
Effect of environmental pollutants on oxytocin synthesis and secretion from corpus luteum and on contractions of uterus from pregnant cows
Corrigendum to “Identification of nevadensin as an important herb-based constituent inhibiting estragole bioactivation and physiology-based biokinetic modeling of its possible in vivo effect” [Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (2010) 179–190],