Predicting changes in cardiac myocyte contractility during early drug discovery with in vitro assays
Renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system related gene polymorphisms and urinary total arsenic is related to chronic kidney disease
Different behavioral effect dose–response profiles in mice exposed to two-carbon chlorinated hydrocarbons: Influence of structural and physical properties
Hexavalent chromium is cytotoxic and genotoxic to hawksbill sea turtle cells
Developmental programming: Prenatal BPA treatment disrupts timing of LH surge and ovarian follicular wave dynamics in adult sheep
Chrysin alleviates testicular dysfunction in adjuvant arthritic rats via suppression of inflammation and apoptosis: Comparison with celecoxib
Chronic infusion of lisinopril into hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus modulates cytokines and attenuates oxidative stress in rostral ventrolateral medulla in hypertension
Downregulation of immediate-early genes linking to suppression of neuronal plasticity in rats after 28-day exposure to glycidol
Evidence for a role of claudin 2 as a proximal tubular stress responsive paracellular water channel
Protective effect of bioflavonoid myricetin enhances carbohydrate metabolic enzymes and insulin signaling molecules in streptozotocin–cadmium induced diabetic nephrotoxic rats
Deoxynivalenol induced mouse skin cell proliferation and inflammation via MAPK pathway
Protection by sulforaphane from type 1 diabetes-induced testicular apoptosis is associated with the up-regulation of Nrf2 expression and function
Regulation of gene expression by tobacco product preparations in cultured human dermal fibroblasts
Comparative toxicity and efficacy of engineered anthrax lethal toxin variants with broad anti-tumor activities
Nonclinical safety of mavrilimumab, an anti-GMCSF receptor alpha monoclonal antibody, in cynomolgus monkeys: Relevance for human safety
Eupafolin inhibits PGE2 production and COX2 expression in LPS-stimulated human dermal fibroblasts by blocking JNK/AP-1 and Nox2/p47 phox pathway