Role of necroptosis in autophagy signaling during hepatic ischemia and reperfusion
Chronic plus binge ethanol exposure causes more severe pancreatic injury and inflammation
Chlorpyrifos- and chlorpyrifos oxon-induced neurite retraction in pre-differentiated N2a cells is associated with transient hyperphosphorylation of neurofilament heavy chain and ERK 1/2
Phenotypically anchored transcriptome profiling of developmental exposure to the antimicrobial agent, triclosan, reveals hepatotoxicity in embryonic zebrafish
Activating transcription factor 4 underlies the pathogenesis of arsenic trioxide-mediated impairment of macrophage innate immune functions
Environmentally relevant organophosphate triesters in herring gulls: In vitro biotransformation and kinetics and diester metabolite formation using a hepatic microsomal assay
Interaction between amiodarone and hepatitis-C virus nucleotide inhibitors in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and HEK-293 Cav1.2 over-expressing cells
A preliminary evaluation of immune stimulation following exposure to metal particles and ions using the mouse popliteal lymph node assay
Effects of realgar on GSH synthesis in the mouse hippocampus: Involvement of system XAG−, system XC−, MRP-1 and Nrf2