Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of 5-methoxy-2-aminoindane (MEAI): A new binge-mitigating agent

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5-Methoxy-2-aminoindane (MEAI) is a novel psychoactive aminoindane derivative, exerting euphoric, alcohol-like tipsy experience and reduced desire to consume alcoholic beverages. Our previous toxicological evaluation of MEAI in rats, clearly indicated MEAI's potential to be further evaluated as a promising binge mitigating agent due to its favorable safety profile. In the light of these observations, we have determined MEAI's pharmacokinetic (PK) profile in rats and evaluated in-vitro its pharmacodynamics (PD) profile. Following oral and intravenous administration of MEAI, two metabolites were identified, namely, N-acetyl-MEAI and 5-hydroxy-N-acetyl-AI, arising from N-acetylation and oxidative demethylation. The PK-parameters of MEAI and N-acetyl-MEAI were derived from single i.v. bolus (10 mg/kg) and single oral doses (10 and 90 mg/kg) of MEAI to rats. MEAI displayed extensive total clearance (2.8 L/h/kg) and a very short plasma and brain half-life (0.5–0.7 h). At 10 mg/kg, MEAI displayed low oral bioavailability (25%) and a plasma to brain ratio in the range of 3–5.5, with brain MEAI peak levels attained rapidly. Non-linear pharmacokinetic behavior was observed in the 90 mg/kg oral group, in which the bioavailability increased by 500%. The non-linear behavior was also evident by the significant increase in plasma half-life of MEAI and its metabolite, N-acetyl-MEAI. N-acetyl-MEAI levels in plasma and brain were about ten times lower than the parent compound, indicative of its minor contribution to MEAI's pharmacological effect. MEAI displayed weak to moderate ligand binding inhibition at the 5-HT2B receptor, while the remaining neurochemical targets were unaffected. Further studies, in non-rodent species are required, in-order to assess MEAI's PK and PD profile adequately.HighlightsMEAI is a novel psychoactive aminoindane derivative.Single 10 mg/kg oral and i.v. administrations of MEAI were well tolerated.MEAI displayed extensive total clearance and a short plasma and brain t1/2.Nonlinear PK was observed following 90 mg/kg oral administration.Major metabolites: N-acetyl-MEAI and 5-hydroxy-N-acetyl-aminoindane

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