Pharmacological characterization of the presynaptic activity of Tityus serrulatus venom in the rat anococcygeus muscle
Intramuscular injection of 125I-botulinum neurotoxin-complex versus 125I-botulinum-free neurotoxin: time course of tissue distribution
Influence of sphingomyelin and TNF-α release on lethality and local inflammatory reaction induced by Loxosceles gaucho spider venom in mice
Characterization of nerve growth factors (NGFs) from snake venoms by use of a novel, quantitative bioassay utilizing pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells overexpressing human trkA receptors
Primary structure of echotoxin 2, an actinoporin-like hemolytic toxin from the salivary gland of the marine gastropod Monoplex echo
Characterisation of local inflammatory response induced by Thalassophryne nattereri fish venom in a mouse model of tissue injury
Effects of Thalassophryne nattereri fish venom in isolated perfused rat kidney
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Purification and structural characterization of lectins from the cnidarian Bunodeopsis antillienis
Simultaneous production of homoanatoxin-a, anatoxin-a, and a new non-toxic 4-hydroxyhomoanatoxin-a by the cyanobacterium Raphidiopsis mediterranea Skuja
Purification and cloning of cysteine-rich proteins from Trimeresurus jerdonii and Naja atra venoms
New insight on scorpion divergence inferred from comparative analysis of toxin structure, pharmacology and distribution
Biological activity of 8,11-dideoxytetrodotoxin: lethality to mice and the inhibitory activity to cytotoxicity of ouabain and veratridine in mouse neuroblastoma cells, Neuro-2a
The equine antitoxins supply system for biological poisons in Japan
The occurrence of 11-oxotetrodotoxin, a rare tetrodotoxin analogue, in the brachycephalidae frog Brachycephalus ephippium