Ricin: the endoplasmic reticulum connection
Signalling pathways regulating human neutrophil migration induced by secretory phospholipases A2
The effect of temperature on growth and production of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins by the cyanobacterium Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii C10
Chemical modification of arginine residues of Notechis scutatus scutatus notexin
Plancitoxins, lethal factors from the crown-of-thorns starfish Acanthaster planci , are deoxyribonucleases II
Genetic and enzymatic characterization of sphingomyelinase D isoforms from the North American fiddleback spiders Loxosceles boneti and Loxosceles reclusa
Immunoenzymatic visualization of tetrodotoxin (TTX) in Cephalothrix species (Nemertea: Anopla: Palaeonemertea: Cephalotrichidae) and Planocera reticulata (Platyhelminthes: Turbellaria: Polycladida: Planoceridae)
Permeability of human jejunal segments to gonyautoxins measured by the Ussing chamber technique
Comparative analysis of the catalytic domain of hemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic snake venom metallopeptidases using bioinformatic tools
Novel conopeptides of the I-superfamily occur in several clades of cone snails
Use of high performance liquid chromatography to measure tetrodotoxin in serum and urine of poisoned patients
Microcystin-LR promote intestinal secretion of water and electrolytes in rats
Detection and analysis of the cyanobacterial peptide hepatotoxins microcystin and nodularin using SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Identification and cloning of snake venom vascular endothelial growth factor (svVEGF) from Bothrops erythromelas pitviper