Biologically active substances from amphibians: preliminary studies on anurans from twenty-one genera of Thailand
The case for verapamil use in alarming jellyfish stings remains
Verapamil treatment in severe Chironex fleckeri stings
Subchronic oral toxicity of microcystin in common carp ( Cyprinus carpio L.) exposed to Microcystis under laboratory conditions
Larvicidal action of ethanolic extracts from fruit endocarps of Melia azedarach and Azadirachta indica against the dengue mosquito Aedes aegypti
The efficacy of two antivenoms against the in vitro myotoxic effects of black snake ( Pseudechis ) venoms in the chick biventer cervicis nerve-muscle preparation
Insights into the loss of muscle mass following B. jararacussu venom in mice
Histophatological changes and inflammatory response induced by Tityus discrepans scorpion venom in rams
Jararhagin, a snake venom metalloproteinase-disintegrin, stimulates epithelial cell migration in an in vitro restitution model
Expression modulation of multiple cytokines in vivo by cyanobacteria blooms extract from taihu lake, China
Determination of microcystin variants and related peptides present in a water bloom of Planktothrix ( Oscillatoria ) rubescens in a Spanish drinking water reservoir by LC/ESI-MS
Generation of active fragments from human zymogens in the brady kinin-generating cascade by extracellular proteases from Vibrio vulnificus and V. parahaemolyticus
Two new actions of sea nettle ( Chrysaora quinquecirrha ) nematocyst venom: studies on the mechanism of actions on complement activation and on the central nervous system
Solid phase adsorption toxin tracking (SPATT): a new monitoring tool that simulates the biotoxin contamination of filter feeding bivalves
Studies of polyether toxins in the marine phytoplankton, Dinophysis acuta , in Ireland using multiple tandem mass spectrometry
Effect of microcystin-LR on protein phosphatase activity and glycogen content in isolated hepatocytes of fed and fasted juvenile goldfish Carassius auratus L.
Secretion and regeneration of tetrodotoxin in the rough-skin newt ( Taricha granulosa )
Endogenous regulation of the functional duality of pahutoxin, a marine trunkfish surfactant
Is there a risk of human poisoning by azaspiracids from shellfish harvested at the Portuguese coast?
Molecular cloning of toxins expressed by the venom gland of Lasiodora sp .
Erratum to: “The role of bacterial and non-bacterial toxins in the induction of charges in membrane transport: implications for diarrhea” [Toxicon 42(7):687–707 (2003)],