A neurotoxic phospholipase A2 variant
LC/ESI/MS method development for the analysis of hepatotoxic cyclic peptide microcystins in animal tissues
Comparison of protein phosphatase inhibition activities and mouse toxicities of microcystins
Absence of neurotoxic effects in leopard sharks, Triakis semifasciata , following domoic acid exposure
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of scorpionism in Colima, Mexico (2000–2001)
Functional characterization of a basic D49 phospholipase A2 (LmTX-I) from the venom of the snake Lachesis muta muta (bushmaster)
Azaspiracid-1 inhibits bioelectrical activity of spinal cord neuronal networks
Effect of microcystin on leukocyte viability and function
Effects of veratrine and veratridine on oxygen consumption and electrical membrane potential of isolated rat skeletal muscle and liver mitochondria
Releasing or expression modulating mediator involved in hemostasis by Berythractivase and Jararhagin (SVMPs)
Biochemical and biological activities of the venom of the Chinese pitviper Zhaoermia mangshanensis , with the complete amino acid sequence and phylogenetic analysis of a novel Arg49 phospholipase A2 myotoxin
Volatiles from the venom of five species of paper wasps ( Polistes dominulus , P. gallicus , P. nimphus , P. sulcifer and P. olivaceus )
Verified bites by the woodlouse spider, Dysdera crocata