Detection of harmful cyanobacteria and their toxins by both PCR amplification and LC-MS during a bloom event
Botulinum type A toxin neutralisation by specific IgG and its fragments
Pharmacokinetics of whole IgG equine antivenom
Toxic and lethal effects of ostreolysin, a cytolytic protein from edible oyster mushroom ( Pleurotus ostreatus ), in rodents
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Snake venom glutaminyl cyclase
Production of monoclonal antibodies for sandwich immunoassay detection of ciguatoxin 51-hydroxyCTX3C
Production of antibodies against microcystin-RR for the assessment of purified microcystins and cyanobacterial environmental samples
Equine laminitis
Primary structure of a thrombin-like serine protease, kangshuanmei, from the venom of Agkistrodon halys brevicaudus stejneger
Accumulation and depuration profiles of PSP toxins in the short-necked clam Tapes japonica fed with the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella
The anti-snake venom activities of the methanolic extract of the bulb of Crinum jagus (Amaryllidaceae)
Cytotoxicity and related effects of T-2 toxin on cultured Vero cells
l-arginine enhances muscle regeneration after experimental envenomation by B. jararacussu