Pectenotoxin-2 in single-cell isolates of Dinophysis caudata and Dinophysis acuta from the Galician Rías (NW Spain)
Investigation of destruxin A and B from 80 Metarhizium strains in China, and the optimization of cultural conditions for the strain MaQ10 ☆
Experimental immunization with Thalassophryne nattereri fish venom
Functional characterization and epitope analysis of a recombinant dermonecrotic protein from Loxosceles intermedia spider
Systemic pathological alterations caused by Philodryas patagoniensis colubrid snake venom in rats
Neutrophil migration in mice induced by a mannose-binding lectin isolated from Annona coriacea seeds
Isolation and cDNA cloning of a potassium channel peptide toxin from the sea anemone Anemonia erythraea
Effect of acid secretion blockade on acute gastric mucosal lesions induced by Tityus serrulatus scorpion toxin in anaesthetized rats
Distribution of 125I-labeled crotamine in mice tissues
Mediators involved in the febrile response induced by Tityus serrulatus scorpion venom in rats
Multiple regression analysis as a tool for the identification of relations between semi-quantitative LC-MS data and cytotoxicity of extracts of the fungus Fusarium avenaceum (syn. F. arthrosporioides )
Foodweb transfer, accumulation, and depuration of microcystins, a cyanobacterial toxin, in pumpkinseed sunfish ( Lepomis gibbosus )
Molecular diversity of disintegrin-like domains within metalloproteinase precursors of Bothrops jararaca