Myotoxic effects of mastoparan from Polybia paulista (Hymenoptera, Epiponini) wasp venom in mice skeletal muscle
Isolation and characterization of novel peptides from chilli pepper seeds
Ciguatera risk assessment in two toxic sites of French Polynesia using the receptor-binding assay ☆
Isodomoic acids A and C exhibit low KA receptor affinity and reduced in vitro potency relative to domoic acid in region CA1 of rat hippocampus ☆
Trophic transfer of paralytic shellfish toxins from the cladoceran ( Moina mongolica ) to larvae of the fish ( Sciaenops ocellatus ) ☆
Jingzhaotoxin-XII, a gating modifier specific for Kv4.1 channels ☆
Initial volume of a drug before it reaches the volume of distribution
Toxin gamma from Tityus serrulatus scorpion venom plays an essential role in immunomodulation of macrophages
Comparative study on extracts from the tissue covering the stingers of freshwater ( Potamotrygon falkneri ) and marine ( Dasyatis guttata ) stingrays
Morphological characterization of the venom secretory epidermal cells in the stinger of marine and freshwater stingrays
Effect of mutalysin II on vascular recanalization after thrombosis induction in the ear of the hairless mice model
Brevetoxins, like ciguatoxins, are potent ichthyotoxic neurotoxins that accumulate in fish ☆
Dehydromonocrotaline inhibits mitochondrial complex I. A potential mechanism accounting for hepatotoxicity of monocrotaline ☆