Anatomical distribution of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP) toxins in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis
The effect of the venom of the yellow Iranian scorpion Odontobuthus doriae on skeletal muscle preparations in vitro
Role of retinol in protecting epithelial cell damage induced by Clostridium difficile toxin A
The molecular basis of cross-reactivity in the Australian Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK)
Effect of RGD-disintegrins on melanoma cell growth and metastasis: Involvement of the actin cytoskeleton, FAK and c-Fos
Fractionation of snake venom metalloproteinases by metal ion affinity: A purified cobra metalloproteinase, Nk, from Naja kaouthia binds Ni2+-agarose
Intrathecal injection of glutamate receptor antagonists/agonist selectively attenuated rat pain-related behaviors induced by the venom of scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch
Effect of Huwentoxin-I on the Fas and TNF apoptosis pathway in the hippocampus of rat with global cerebral ischemia
Purification, characterization and homology analysis of ocellatin 4, a cytolytic peptide from the skin secretion of the frog Leptodactylus ocellatus
No induction of structural chromosomal aberrations in cylindrospermopsin-treated CHO-K1 cells without and with metabolic activation
Effect of leukocyte inhibitors benzydamine and cyclophosphamide, on lung injury caused by Tityus discrepans scorpion venom
Purification, characterization and potent lung lesion activity of an l-amino acid oxidase from Agkistrodon blomhoffii ussurensis snake venom
Phospholipase A2 diversity and polymorphism in European viper venoms: Paradoxical molecular evolution in Viperinae
Biological and structural comparison of recombinant phospholipase D toxins from Loxosceles intermedia (brown spider) venom
Fate and distribution of brevetoxin (PbTx) following lysis of Karenia brevis by algicidal bacteria, including analysis of open A-ring derivatives
Molecular cloning of albolatin, a novel snake venom metalloprotease from green pit viper ( Trimeresurus albolabris ), and expression of its disintegrin domain
Correlations between differences in amino-terminal sequences and different hemolytic activity of sticholysins