Amelioration of the cardiovascular manifestations of the yellow scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus envenomation in rats by red grape seeds proanthocyanidins ☆
Modulation of voltage-gated Na+ and K+ channels by pumiliotoxin 251D: A “joint venture” alkaloid from arthropods and amphibians ☆
Neutralization of hemorrhagic snake venom metalloproteinase HR1a from Protobothrops flavoviridis by human monoclonal antibody ☆
Immunological characterization of a non-toxic peptide conferring protection against the toxic fraction (AahG50) of the Androctonus australis hector venom ☆
Vascular permeability and vasodilation induced by the Loxosceles intermedia venom in rats: Involvement of mast cell degranulation, histamine and 5-HT receptors ☆
Ability of fucoidan to prevent muscle necrosis induced by snake venom myotoxins: Comparison of high- and low-molecular weight fractions ☆
Two critical residues in p-loop regions of puffer fish Na+ channels on TTX sensitivity
Topology and enhanced toxicity of bound microcystins in Microcystis PCC 7806 ☆
Effects of seawater on growth and gliotoxin excretion of marine strains of Aspergillus fumigatus Fres. ☆
Acute and repeated dose toxicity studies of recombinant saxatilin, a disintegrin from the Korean snake ( Gloydius saxatilis ) ☆
First episode of shellfish contamination by palytoxin-like compounds from Ostreopsis species (Aegean Sea, Greece) ☆
Primary culture of venom glands from the Brazilian armed spider, Phoneutria nigriventer (Araneae, Ctenidae)
Microcystin accumulation in liver and muscle of tilapia in two large Brazilian hydroelectric reservoirs
Dose-dependent effects of extracted microcystins on embryonic development, larval growth and histopathological changes of southern catfish ( Silurus meridionalis ) ☆
Hepatic recovery after damage produced by sub-chronic intoxication with the cyanotoxin microcystin LR ☆
Accumulation and depuration of okadaic acid esters in the European green crab ( Carcinus maenas ) during a feeding study ☆
Diphtheria toxin mutant CRM197 is an inhibitor of protein synthesis that induces cellular toxicity ☆
Corrigendum to “Effect of Huwentoxin-I on the Fas and TNF apoptosis pathway in the hippocampus of rat with global cerebral ischemia” [Toxicon 50 (2007) 1085–1094] ☆