Physiological resistance of grasshopper mice ( Onychomys spp.) to Arizona bark scorpion ( Centruroides exilicauda ) venom
Epidemiologic and clinical survey of victims of centipede stings admitted to Hospital Vital Brazil (São Paulo, Brazil)
Tityus serrulatus venom peptidomics: Assessing venom peptide diversity
Bothrops jararaca venom (BjV) induces differential leukocyte accumulation in mice genetically selected for acute inflammatory reaction: The role of host genetic background on expression of adhesion molecules and release of endogenous mediators
Two coagulation factor X activators from Vipera a. ammodytes venom with potential to treat patients with dysfunctional factors IXa or VIIa
Purification and characterization of a novel antinociceptive toxin from Cobra venom ( Naja naja atra )
Venom of Collett's snake ( Pseudechis colletti ) blocks the binding of α-bungarotoxin to acetylcholine receptors at chick but not human neuromuscular junctions: A histochemical study
Amino acid sequence of a kinin-releasing enzyme, KR-E-1, from the venom of Agkistrodon caliginosus (Kankoku-mamushi)