Isolation and characterization of ellagic acid derivatives isolated from Casearia sylvestris SW aqueous extract with anti-PLA2 activity
Solanaceous steroidal glycoalkaloids and poisoning by Solanum torvum , the normally edible susumber berry
Seasonal dynamics of cylindrospermopsin and cyanobacteria in two German lakes
Effects of alternagin-C from Bothrops alternatus on gene expression and activity of metalloproteinases in regenerating skeletal muscle
Effects of the venom and the dermonecrotic toxin LiRecDT1 of Loxosceles intermedia in the rat liver
Protein markers of algal toxin contamination in shellfish
Examination of transformation among tetrodotoxin and its analogs in the living cultured juvenile puffer fish, kusafugu, Fugu niphobles by intramuscular administration
Distribution of microcystins in various organs (heart, liver, intestine, gonad, brain, kidney and lung) of Wistar rat via intravenous injection