A new venomous scorpion responsible for severe envenomation in Argentina: Tityus confluens
Detection of microcystin contamination by the measurement of the variability of the in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence in aquatic plant Lemna gibba
Vascular permeability, neutrophil migration and edematogenic effects induced by the latex of Cryptostegia grandiflora
BthMP: a new weakly hemorrhagic metalloproteinase from Bothrops moojeni snake venom
Toxico-pathological effects in rats induced by concurrent exposure to aflatoxin and cypermethrin
Characterization of the mechanisms underlying the inflammatory response to Polistes lanio lanio (paper wasp) venom in mouse dorsal skin
Systemic alterations induced by a Bothrops alternatus hemorrhagic metalloproteinase (baltergin) in mice
Experimental osteoporosis induced in female albino rats and its antagonism by Indian black scorpion ( Heterometrus bengalensis C.L.Koch) venom
Inflammatory oedema induced by Lachesis muta muta (Surucucu) venom and LmTX-I in the rat paw and dorsal skin
Actions of ATX-II and other gating-modifiers on Na+ currents in HEK-293 cells expressing WT and ΔKPQ hNaV 1.5 Na+ channels
Pruning nature: Biodiversity-derived discovery of novel sodium channel blocking conotoxins from Conus bullatus
Transfer profile of intramuscularly administered tetrodotoxin to non-toxic cultured specimens of the pufferfish Takifugu rubripes
Enzymatic and structural characterization of new PLA2 isoform isolated from white venom of Crotalus durissus ruruima
Toxicities of destruxins against Bemisia tabaci and its natural enemy, Serangium japonicum
Expression of a spider venom peptide in transgenic tobacco confers insect resistance
Characterization of LmTxLP11 and LmVP1.1 transcripts and genomic organizations: Alternative splicing contributing to the diversity of scorpion venom peptides
Cellular metabolism of brevetoxin (PbTx-2) by a monocyte cell line (U-937)
Cyanea capillata tentacle-only extract as a potential alternative of nematocyst venom: Its cardiovascular toxicity and tolerance to isolation and purification procedures
Milking and partial characterization of venom from the Brazilian spider Vitalius dubius (Theraphosidae)
Cysteine-rich venom proteins from the snakes of Viperinae subfamily – Molecular cloning and phylogenetic relationship
In vivo study on the effects of microcystin extracts on the expression profiles of proto-oncogenes ( c-fos, c-jun and c-myc ) in liver, kidney and testis of male Wistar rats injected i.v. with toxins
Atypical profiles of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in shellfish from Luanda and Mussulo bays, Angola