Re-investigation of venom chemistry of Solenopsis fire ants. I. Identification of novel alkaloids in S. richteri
Re-investigation of venom chemistry of Solenopsis fire ants. II. Identification of novel alkaloids in S. invicta
Comparative study of the cytotoxic effect of microcistin-LR and purified extracts from Microcystis aeruginosa on a kidney cell line
Comparison of the peptidome and insecticidal activity of venom from a taxonomically diverse group of theraphosid spiders
Measurement of botulinum types A, B and E neurotoxicity using the phrenic nerve–hemidiaphragm
Membrane-bound conformation and phospholipid components modulate membrane-damaging activity of Taiwan cobra cardiotoxins
The first occurrence of the cyanobacterial alkaloid toxin cylindrospermopsin in the Czech Republic as determined by immunochemical and LC/MS methods
Raphanus sativus extract protects against Zearalenone induced reproductive toxicity, oxidative stress and mutagenic alterations in male Balb/c mice
Biochemical and biological characterization of a PLA2 from crotoxin complex of Crotalus durissus cumanensis
A convenient and cost-effective method for monitoring marine algal toxins with passive samplers
A highly sensitive competitive enzyme immunoassay of broad specificity quantifying microcystins and nodularins in water samples
Insights of local tissue damage and regeneration induced by BnSP-7, a myotoxin isolated from Bothrops (neuwiedi) pauloensis snake venom
Influence of the A and B subunits of cholera toxin (CT) and Escherichia coli toxin (LT) on TNF-α release from macrophages
1H NMR determination of β- N -methylamino- l -alanine ( l -BMAA) in environmental and biological samples
Patulin-induced genotoxicity and modulation of glutathione in HepG2 cells
Microcystin producing cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. BHU001 from a pond in India
Urinary oligosaccharides