Methodology of clinical studies dealing with the treatment of envenomation
Inflammation and apoptosis induced by mastoparan Polybia-MPII on skeletal muscle
Immunome and venome of Bothrops jararacussu
Crotoxin potentiates L-type calcium currents and modulates the action potential of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes
Chronic effects of cyanobacterial toxins on Daphnia magna and their offspring
Histopathological effects of [D-Leu1]Microcystin-LR variants on liver, skeletal muscle and intestinal tract of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Valenciennes, 1844)
Down-regulation of the JAK2/PI3K-mediated signaling activation is involved in Taiwan cobra cardiotoxin III-induced apoptosis of human breast MDA-MB-231 cancer cells
Comparative analyses of venoms from American and African Sicarius spiders that differ in sphingomyelinase D activity
P- and R-type Ca2+ channels regulating spinal glycinergic nerve terminals
Metallothionein-I/II null cardiomyocytes are sensitive to Fusarium mycotoxin butenolide-induced cytotoxicity and oxidative DNA damage
Cytotoxic proteins of Amanita virosa Secr . mushroom
Involvement of p38 MAPK- and JNK-modulated expression of Bcl-2 and Bax in Naja nigricollis CMS-9-induced apoptosis of human leukemia K562 cells
Morphological cell transformation of Syrian hamster embryo (SHE) cells by the cyanotoxin, cylindrospermopsin
Lonomia obliqua (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae) caterpillar bristle extract induces direct lysis by cleaving erythrocyte membrane glycoproteins
Comparative effects of lantadene A and its reduced metabolite on mitochondrial bioenergetics
Amatoxin poisoning treatment decision-making
Microcystin production in epiphytic cyanobacteria on submerged macrophytes
Tissue distribution of tetrodotoxin in the red-spotted newt Notophthalmus viridescens
Mg(II)-induced binding of factor IX-binding protein from the venom of Agkistrodon Halys Pallas with factor Xa
Transcriptional alteration of cytoskeletal genes induced by microcystins in three organs of rats
Interaction of Naja naja atra cardiotoxin 3 with H-trisaccharide modulates its hemolytic activity and membrane-damaging activity
Reassessing the ichthyotoxin profile of cultured Prymnesium parvum (golden algae) and comparing it to samples collected from recent freshwater bloom and fish kill events in North America
The 3 + 3 dose escalation design is not appropriate for antivenom dose finding
Response to a letter from J-P Chippaux and L Boyer entitled
Corrigendum to “Neutralization of Bothrops asper venom by antibodies, natural products and synthetic drugs
Erratum to «Interspecific variation of Δ1,6-piperideines in imported fire ants» published in Toxicon 55 (6), (2010), 1181–1187