A study on the venom of Bothrops alternatus Duméril, Bibron and Duméril, from different regions of Argentina
Two recombinant depressant scorpion neurotoxins differentially affecting mammalian sodium channels
Biodegradation studies and sequencing of microcystin-LR degrading bacteria isolated from a drinking water biofilter and a fresh water lake
Structural and pharmacological characterization of the crotamine isoforms III-4 (MYX4_CROCu) and III-7 (MYX7_CROCu) isolated from the Crotalus durissus cumanensis venom
Dramatic intraspecimen variations within the injected venom of Conus consors
Evolutionary trends in venom composition in the Western Rattlesnakes ( Crotalus viridis sensu lato)
Population-level variation of the preproricin gene contradicts expectation of neutral equilibrium for generalist plant defense toxins
Adriatoxin-B, the first C13 terminal truncated YTX analogue obtained from dinoflagellates
Conopeptide characterization and classifications
Development of a sensitive enzyme immunoassay for measuring taipan venom in serum
Rapid isolation of single-chain antibodies by phage display technology directed against one of the most potent marine toxins
Effect of the synthetic coumarin, ethyl 2-oxo-2H-chromene-3-carboxylate, on activity of Crotalus durissus ruruima sPLA2 as well as on edema and platelet aggregation induced by this factor