A potent vasoactive cytolysin isolated from Scorpaena plumieri scorpionfish venom
A feasibility study into the provision of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins laboratory reference materials by mass culture of Alexandrium and shellfish feeding experiments
Isolation and characterization of a trypsin inhibitor from the skin secretions of Kaloula pulchra hainana
Taiwan cobra cardiotoxin III inhibits Src kinase leading to apoptosis and cell cycle arrest of oral squamous cell carcinoma Ca9–22 cells
Enzymatic analysis of Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion venom using zymography and venom-specific antivenin
Identification of new classes of ricin toxin inhibitors by virtual screening
Brown spider venom toxins interact with cell surface and are endocytosed by rabbit endothelial cells
Comparative study of anticoagulant and procoagulant properties of 28 snake venoms from families Elapidae, Viperidae, and purified Russell's viper venom-factor X activator (RVV-X)
Identification and characterization of venom proteins of two solitary wasps, Eumenes pomiformis and Orancistrocerus drewseni
Cycas micronesica (Cycadales) plants devoid of endophytic cyanobacteria increase in β-methylamino-l-alanine
A lethal cardiotoxic–cytotoxic protein from the Indian monocellate cobra ( Naja kaouthia ) venom
Induction of inflammatory cell accumulation by TM-N49 and promutoxin, two novel phospholipase A2
Development of quantitative NMR method with internal standard for the standard solutions of paralytic shellfish toxins and characterisation of gonyautoxin-5 and gonyautoxin-6
Analysis of camelid IgG for antivenom development
Can LASSBio 596 and dexamethasone treat acute lung and liver inflammation induced by microcystin-LR?
Isolation and characterization of two novel scorpion toxins
Inhibition of the activation pathway of the T-type calcium channel CaV3.1 by ProTxII
Regional divergence of phospholipase A2-like protein cDNAs between New Guinean and Australian Pseudechis australis
Isolation of a Lysinibacillus fusiformis strain with tetrodotoxin-producing ability from puffer fish Fugu obscurus and the characterization of this strain
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Human metabolites of brevetoxin PbTx-2